Rules & Regulations/Code of Conduct


6 Days (Monday to Saturday) School Hrs. 9 am to 4 pm

Uniform: Boys: Sky blue half sleev Shirt with Navy blue Tie

and Navy Blue shorts (LKG to IV Std.)

Full Pants (Std. V to X)

White socks and Black shoes

White and white uniform on all Wednesdays

and National Days.

Girls: L.K.G. to VII:- Navy blue body skirt, 2” below

the knee. Sky blue half sleev blouse with

Navy blue Tie and Sky blue ribbon.

VIII to X:- Sky blue half sleev Kamiz and Navy

blue Salwar with Navy blue duppatta.

White socks and black shoes.

White and white uniform on all Wednesdays

and National Days.

Patch with School emblem should be sewn on the left pocket of the

shirt of the boys and on the right side of the Kamiz of Girls.Uniform clothes for XIth Std. will be supplied from the school.


Every pupil is required to have 85% attendance at least. Unauthorised absence for a period of 15 working days will result in removal of the pupil’s name from the rolls.

use of english

Since our medium of instruction is English, only English should be spoken in the school premises to acquire facility in the study of language.

Holidays : All Sundays. All Second and Fourth Saturdays.

All holidays declared by the Government.

school descipline:

1. The students must come to school in clean, neat and proper uniform on all working days.

2. Students must be punctual. They must settle down in their class rooms with the study bell at 9.30 a.m. Late comers will have to obtain written permission from the principal.

3. Pupils should render salutation when they meet the teachers for the first time every day.

4. Gold ornaments must not be worn while coming to the school.

5. Students should bring vegetarian meals only with them.

6. No students should leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal/Class teacher. They are not permitted to enter any class room other than their own unless authorised by a teacher.

7. No students should be absent without leave previously obtained except in cases of unforeseen circumstances. In such cases application for leave must be submitted on the following day. All leave applications must be signed by the parent / guardian and submitted to the class teacher.

8. If a pupil is absent due to illness or some other unavoidable reasons, the school authorities must be informed in advance in writing.

9. Students should bring the prescribed text books, school diary and note books as per the day’s time table. The name, class and section of the student should be written neatly on their belongings.

10.Students should take particular care not to litter the school premises/class room.

11. The school shall not be responsible for any loss of money, valuables or other articles.

12. Students shall not be allowed to meet the parents or visitors during the Class hours without the permission of the Principal.

13. Students suffering from infectious contagious diseases shall under no circumstances be permitted to attend the school until full recovery, supported by a medical fitness certificate.

14. All students must take part in the physical education activities unless declared physically unfit or exempted by the Principal.

15. Students except L.K.G & U.K.G are not allowed to celebrate their birth day in the school with sweets and such items.

General NOTES

a. Students absenting from a test/examination for any reason will not be re-examined and such absence will be treated as having received no marks in it.

b. If a student fails to appear at a test/examination on genuine grounds such as illness, transfer of parents and other compelling reasons, the case may be considered on its merits at the time of promotion. However he/she will not be eligible for Principal’s Honours list.

c. Students using unfair means in the tests/examinations shall be given zero mark in that subject and it will be recorded as an act of misconduct. Any repetition of such acts will be viewed seriously.

d. The school reserves the right to dismiss a pupil on grounds of irregular attendance, habitual lack of application, disobedience or discourtesies to teachers, any kind of malpractice or objectional behavior not keeping with the good tone of the school inside the premises or elsewhere.

a word to parents

1. Parents should see that their children prepare the daily lessons properly.

2. Parents are requested to check the diary of the students daily to ensure that they do the homework properly and in time.

3. Parents should visit the school and meet the teachers atleast once in a month to discuss about the progress of their children. They are most welcome to meet the Principal / Class teacher / Subject teacher during the recess hours, before and after the class hours with the permission of the Principal.

4. Parents should make their own arrangement to take back their wards after school hours.

5. Please make it sure that the child comes to school in proper school uniform even if it is for a short duration and for any purpose what-soever

6. If it becomes necessary for them to take the child home during the school hours, they may do so with the permission of the Principal / Class teacher. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to leave the school premises without a written request from the parents.

7. The school will be sending notes, circulars etc. through the students from time to time, which may please be attended to.

8. Please inform the class teacher whenever there is a change in the address/telephone number.

9. Please pay the school fees etc. on time. We request the parents / guardians to co-operate with the school so that our mutual endeavour benefits in the total progress of the child. In this connection please make note of the NINE points mentioned above.